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we are here to support you on your inner journey to an empowered and conscious conception, pregnancy and birth

it takes a village to raise a mother

Healing, nourishing products for mother & child

Our ancestors knew that nature is medicine. We extract this wisdom, and the plant themselves, to help you and your child sooth and heal from common discomfort. 

We protect Mother Earth together

Salv invites every woman to free her voice and stand united. Together we can protect our children and together we can protect our Earth, to ensure its future for generations to come.

A powerful tribe of wild spirited women

We value connections between us and our children, and between us as women. We empower each other and support one another in reconnecting with our inner selves. 

our sisters love

Family Skinfood


Family Skinfood

Family Skinfood is made out of just one ingredient: 100% pure and organic Shea Butter. Safe to eat. Shea Butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree. It has been used in indigenous Africa for years to improve skin and hair for young and old. It also has a long history of healing use, such as in wound care or skin issues. No chemicals, alcohol or perfumes are added to it, as we believe these things do not belong in the skin of you and your child.

many western women have lost connection with their wild side and mostly live from the head. it’s time to awaken our feminine gifts stored in our womb space, to share them with the world; we are waiting for you.

What mothers say

I am so happy with Salv's Family Skinfood! I have been using it for 1.5 years now and want nothing else. My children often ask about it, and I know I can put it on their skin with confidence.

– Lisanne / Yoga teacher

Mmm, Salv’s golden Shea! In the meantime, our entire family uses this Family Skinfood and we don’t have to use anything else anymore. So nourishing!

– Esmarel / founder Dalalou

Family Skinfood from Salv has done my skin so well! A nice glow and the red spots that bothered me have disappeared. It is also the best lip balm ever!

– Sabine, Mother of 3

Doula and Mother

Salv's founding Mother Wendy gave birth to her daughter Luna at home in Ibiza. Pregnancy and birth were an initiation to re-connect with her womb wisdom and with lost ancient knowledge. She is a warrior for the next generation and wishes to empower mothers so they can make informed choices about mothering their way.

The Mother behind Salv